About me

       “i will take the sun in my mouth
        and leap into the ripe air
        with closed eyes
        to dash against darkness”
           ― e.e. cummings

Hello, good morning and welcome to my blog, Sanne and the Books!

There are people that are excellent at introducing themselves…. and then there’s me. Sanne. Twenty-four years ago I was born an a hot Friday morning at the beginning of June. Right now I’m an undergraduate student studying Commercial Economics (marketing, marketing and a little bit of sales and finance). In my spare time I can be found horse riding, binge-watching Netflix and, of course, reading!

Books have always been an important part of my life. I grew up with them. Both my parents are fervent readers so I can’t exactly remember a time not reading any books. They offer me support when I’m feeling down. They make me cry, the make me angry, they make me laugh and they make me fall in love. There is just something magical about being transported into another world.

I mostly read in English: to improve my English, but also to get to know more about the (fantasy) worlds that are out there. I love young adults, contemporaries, fantasies and paranormal books and I can’t wait to dive into the next one.